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Lake Shore Trail

It might not be the right time for travelling right now, (summer of the COVID-19 epidemic), but it is the right time for me start my blog. So for a little more about me I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, photography, and travelling….obviously. 

I also have a diploma in Travel and Tourism which enabled me to work as a Travel Advisor pre COVID.

All I want to bring to this blog is  a different perspective. Whenever I travel anywhere I probably spend hours doing research. And a lot of those hours goes into finding accommodations, or activities that are unique to the area. 

I have thought countless times, I wish there was somebody out there that would cover some of the more unique things to do, that are not featured in every other travel resource out there. 

Hence this blog. I do also travel to bucket list places that everyone goes to, and covers, I just hope to put a personal spin on it, and include some of the things I did off the beaten path.

I do think it is important to remember that getting off the beaten path can be interpreted many ways. While some people might see it as “going where no traveler has gone before”, others might not be the adventurous. 

I have met countless people that have gone to Vegas and never been anywhere except the strip, and Fremont street. Let me tell you… there are far more things to do there than just those two areas.

…. I also have a unhealthy obsession with cacti, and purposely will route any travels I do in that direction if there is a chance I will see a standing cactus.  

Currently Located

Saskatchewan, Canada

Bucket List Adventures

Road to Tuktoyaktuk

New Orleans

Celebrate Día de los Muertos

Safari in Kenya and Tanzania

Hike into the Grand Canyon

Athabasca Sand Dunes