My Costa Rica Tree house Experience: the Good and the Buggy

Costa Rica Tree House

When I was planning my group trip to Costa Rica I knew I wanted to stay in a tree house. And boy do you have a lot to choose from. Tree houses and Eco friendly accommodations are one of the most common unique accommodations in the country… is that an oxymoron LOL. 

As a disclaimer the following review is solely based on my experience at the tree house I stayed in. It does not represent other tree house accommodations in Costa Rica.

Read on for my Costa Rica tree house experience.

How do I find a Costa Rica Tree House


I found the tree house I stayed at on airbnb. They make it super easy as you can search for unique stays, and one of the options is “tree house”. I believe there are also hotels that you can stay at that are also like staying in a tree house, if you do not want to book on airbnb.

Is Air BNB Safe and Reliable?

I can really only speak about my experience when using the booking platform. Which was great. The owners were responsive and answered any questions we had.

However I have talked to other people that have used airbnb that had unfortunate experiences, such as misleading photos, and even break ins. It is important to understand that these kinds of things can happen everywhere.

What was Great About my Treehouse Experience!

So much! I stayed at Casa Kupu-Kupu. It accommodates up to seven people, and we were a group of seven so it worked perfect. It consisted of three bedrooms. A master with a King, another with a double and a single, and an additional hut beside the tree house with another double.

One thing to note. We were not aware when booking that there is a office attached to the little hut beside the tree house, that someone works out of. So someone will probably be on the property during the day, however you pretty much just see them when they arrive/leave.

A list of things that I loved about the property:
  • The pictures on airbnb represented the tree house to a T.
  • It had the best outdoor space out of everywhere we stayed. If you are in a group it is perfect.
  • It is less than a 5 minute drive to Playa Carrillo, which is way better than Samara beach… just FYI.
  • There are plenty of washrooms. We found the master has consistent hot water.
  • The open air bedroom is a good place to lounge in during the day.

The Buggy

It is important to know that everyone has different levels of comfort. The owners description of the accommodation is on point. They warn, you are in nature, so there will be bugs. All the reviews of the places also say the same thing. I’ll just flat out say so there is no confusion, you will be sleeping with the bugs. Know that going in.

  • Personally I would have been more comfortable if there were bug nets. There is not, the owner suggest to make sure the shutters are closed at night, to prevent bugs from coming in.
  • However there is probably a three inch gap between the bedroom door and the floor, which leads to outside. So anything that can crawl can still get in.
  • When we were there, there were some bats chillin in the open air bedroom. 
  • All bedroom windows are screen. They do not have glass, but do have shutters. I personally did not feel like my important belongings were secure, so I made sure to bring those with me when we left the property. 

Would I Stay Again

Honestly I probably wouldn’t, but two of my friends said they 100% would. However, looking back on it, I am glad we stayed there. I had a great time (minus the sleeping part LOL), and got to chill on the patio with my friends. #noregrets 

Do you have an awesome treehouse experience to share, or have questions about this one? Leave a comment below.

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