Stay at a Tiny Home in Cypress Hills

Historic Reesor Ranch
Stayed September 2020

Did you know that you can stay in a tiny home right next door to Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park? To partake in this unique experience you will find yourself at the Historic Reesor Ranch. Located about an hour West of Maple Creek Saskatchewan, this is the perfect place to explore Cypress Hills’ West Block.

Tiny Home in Cypress Hills

About the Tiny Homes

I had the opportunity to stay at the Frontier Cabin, which sleeps 2 to 4 people. This Cabin has 2 double beds that are laid out bunkbed style, a kitchenette (with a two person table), and a full bathroom with a shower. You also have use of the BBQ on your private porch.

This Cabin and the Pioneer Cabin overlook the back of the property, and are next to each other. While the Cowboy cabin is located in the bush behind these two.

These cabins would be perfect to rent if you were going as a group, or a large family.

Tips for your Tiny Home Stay

  • Wi-fi is very spotty, do not expect a good connection and instead get off the grid for a few days.
  • Bring a radio, or a portable speaker. My friend and I wish we had this during our stay to listen to some music, or a podcast.
  • Their website says that you have a private fire pit at your cabin however, during my stay there was no fire pit. Instead they offer portable gas fire pits at an additional fee. I assume this was due to the fire bans that the area had right before my stay.

The Historic Reesor Ranch

The Historic Reesor Ranch dates back to 1867, and still is home to some of the original buildings first constructed in 1904. Due to this it is recognized by the Saskatchewan Government as a Heritage Ranch.

Historic Reesor Ranch

Getting Here

The Historic Reesor Ranch is located an hour West of Maple Creek, Saskatchewan. For the best route search for the ranch on Google Maps because their mailing address is located in Maple Creek. If you are still unsure about the location give the owners a call, and they will provide the best route.

While the ranch is located in Saskatchewan, you have to go into Alberta, then back into Saskatchewan to get here. At least you do if your coming from Saskatchewan. You will also be travelling on a grid road for a portion of your drive.

Driving Times

From Saskatoon, SK – 5 hours

From Calgary, AB – 4 hours

From Elkwater, AB (Alberta side of Cypress Hills) – 35 minutes

IMPORTANT: It is a good idea to use a 4X4 vehicle for this trip. You will not be able to travel the West Block of Cypress Hills if it happens to rain during your stay, and you are travelling with a low vehicle.


I stayed at just one of serval cabins there are to choose from. They have a BNB, additional cabins (not mentioned), and a group accommodation area, where you can stay in their Old Log Barn. 

Restaurant and Bar

The Ranch has a restaurant and bar on site which offers: breakfast and supper daily. This must be booked in advance.

I didn’t have the opportunity to try out their restaurant because the weekend I stayed here they were hosting a TeleMiracle fundraiser. My friend and I got the catered fundraiser meal instead, which was super good.

I have one word for the bar, affordable. A glass of wine or beer is just $5, and I love the aesthetic of it, as it is designed as a Western Saloon.

Tiny home in cypress hills meal
Reesor Ranch Saloon

Things to do on the Property

Guided Tours

The Historic Reesor Ranch offers two types of guided tours: Horseback, and ATV Tours. Prices can be found on their website. I did not partake in either of these, although I plan to go back to try horseback riding for the first time.

Self Guided Hikes

During my stay I opted in for their self guided hikes on the property. There are three trails: The Ancient Teepee Rings, the Smaller Conglomerate Cliffs, and the Kinnikinick Cliff Trail.

Note: Conglomerate is a unique rock formation made of stone and pebble that is stuck together like cement. I am not a rock enthusiast so that is the best explanation I can give.

The first evening at the tiny home I did the Smaller Conglomerate Cliffs during sunset, and the views were amazing. Completed in 1 hour, with stops.

Hike at tiny home
Historic Reesor Ranch

The second evening I did the Kinnikinick Cliff Trail. Unfortunately it was smokey outside so there wasn’t a sunset, but it was still a good hike. There are guide books at your accommodation which you can use for this self guided tour.

Conglomerate rock
Tiny home hike

Star Gazing and Astro Photography

Cypress Hills is home to one of the largest Dark Sky Preserves in Canada. As the Historic Reesor Ranch is located right next door to this area, you can benefit from this because there will be less light polution.

Explore Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

Hidden Conglomerate hills


The Hidden Conglomerate Cliffs

This is when your 4X4 vehicle will come in handy. The road that goes to this hike is rough. If I had my little Honda, I am unsure if it would make it. As for the trailhead, keep your eyes peeled Symons Noble Cabin, the trailhead is across the road. There isn’t anywhere official to park, but there is a little room on the side of the road.

Disclaimer: The West Block of Cypress Hills is not accessible in the winter months. If you are unsure on if you should go I recommend calling the park directly.

Cypress Hills
Symons Noble Cabin in the distance, and the blue jeep is ours.

Overall with photo and lunch stops, this trail took 2 – 2 1/2 hours to complete. The first stretch of the hike was uphill, but flattens around 45 minutes in.

Note: We did not complete the entire loop. After hiking to the lookout we doubled back.

Cypress Hills
Trail head for the Hidden Conglomerate Cliffs
Hidden Conglomerate Cliffs

Scenic Drive to the Alberta Side

Southwest of the ranch is a grid road that connects to the Alberta side of Cypress Hills. I believe this is a seasonal road, so  it is not operational year round. We decided to take a drive out there as we needed gas, and Elkwater AB was only 30 minutes away. Elkwater is a cute resort town with quite a few amenities. 

If you have the time I would definitely recommend taking the time to explore this side of the park.

Maple Creek, SK

Admittedly we weren’t here long, but if you are heading to the ranch from Saskatchewan, Maple Creek is sort of on the way (depending on which route you are taking). Other than stopping for a quick bite to eat, we checked out this brand new brewery. 

Rafter R Brewing Company Inc

Finding the Rafter R Brewing Company Inc was actually pretty funny. My friend saw it as she was driving by, and promptly made a U turn. It was decided that we were going for a drink.


Personally I am not a beer drinker, however they also serve wine by the Cypress Hills Vineyard & Winery.

My friend really enjoyed their beer, and even got a growler for her boyfriend. 

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If you like staying in unique accommodations you should give this tiny home in Cypress Hills a try!

Do you have any questions, or recommend other unique stays? If so please share this article or leave a comment below.

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