The Best Place to Stay in Santa Elena, Costa Rica

Linda Vista Green Soul Living Room
Photo Credit: Linda Vista Green Soul

Okay, when I say the best place to stay in Santa Elena, Costa Rica I really mean near Santa Elena. Linda Vista Green Soul is located twenty minutes outside this small town, and is totally worth the commute.

Out of all the Airbnb’s that I have had the opportunity to stay at, Linda Vista Green Soul was the best option for many reasons.

Aerial View. Photo: Linda Vista Green Soul

Firstly, the home overlooks the gulf of Nicoya a with grand sweeping views of the area. 

Secondly, the detail that went into this property. Everything from the woodworking of the home itself, to the trails and gardens surrounding the home, is what makes this its own little oasis.

Linda Vista Green Soul Views
View from the back deck Photo Credit: @sarahvedress

Lastly, and most importantly, is Walter the on-site host. He is what truly made our stay enjoyable, and made my friends and I feel at home.

The Airbnb host, Carolina, while not on the property is very easy to reach via the Airbnb app. She answered all of our questions promptly and was a great host.

To learn why I think this is the best place to stay in Santa Elena, read my review of the property below (not sponsored, I just thought this place was awesome).

My Experience at Linda Vista Green Soul

Best Place to stay in Santa Elena
Me in front of coffee? Photo Insta

How to get to Linda Vista Green Soul

Linda Vista Green Soul is located about 20 minutes from Santa Elena, Costa Rica.

I highly recommend only staying here if you have your own vehicle, and ideally 4X4. Some of the roads were quite bumpy on our drive from La Fortuna.

More specific directions are given to you once you have confirmed to stay at the Airbnb.

Trail on the property. Photo Insta @Bransonshouseofflowers

Tour of the Property with Walter

As I mentioned before Walter is the on-site host of this home. When you first arrive at Linda Vista, he will open the gate for you and let you know where to park. As well as give you a quick tour of the home.

Once that was done he let us know he would be back in 30 minutes to give us a tour of the property.

Just a note: this is a huge property,  which you will be sharing with Walter as his home is also here.

Photo Credit Insta for @sarahvedress

As Walter took us on a tour of the property we learned he grows, and produces his own coffee! Right on the property!

We also walked by his gardens where he kindly gave us a bunch of produce such as bananas, limes, and lemons. These were some pretty big points in my book as to why this is one of the best places to stay in Santa Elena, Costa Rica.

Linda Vista Pool
Pool, Photo credit Linda Vista Green Soul

There is also a pool on the property which is a five-minute walk from the house.

Just to note: We ended up not using the pool during our stay. While it was warm outside, it was still very windy.

I also wish I had practiced more Spanish before traveling to Costa Rica.

I was able to understand most of what Walter was saying during our tour, however, there was a language barrier. If at any time you don’t understand something he is more than happy to use google translate.

Why Linda Vista Green Soul is the best Place to Stay in Santa Elena, Costa Rica

Linda Vista Lookout
Photo Credit Insta: @Sarahvedress

My friends enjoying some early morning coffee.

I’m not going to create a list of all the things why you should stay here because, in reality, everyone has different criteria to meet when it comes to traveling. Such as nightlife, transportation, price, etc. Instead, I’ll talk about some of the features of the house, that made this stay incredible.

Linda Vista Green Soul Living Room
Living Room Photo credit: Linda Vista Green Soul

Inside Linda Vista Green Soul

From the moment you walk into this home, you quickly realize that it is exactly what you signed up for. 

There are a total of five bedrooms, that accommodate up to 12 people. The initial price per night is based on four people, and you will have access to two of the bedrooms. 

For more information, and pictures of the home itself please visit the Airbnb listing by clicking here.

Linda Vista Trail
Lookout point on one of the trails. Photo Insta

The Trails

There are several trails on the property.

One that leads down towards a waterfall, another that goes to a viewpoint, and the last leads to the pool.

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Linda Vista Green Soul deck
Linda Vista deck

My Favourite Part of staying here...

Had to be sitting on the porch and watching the sun go down. With the wraparound deck, it is easy to just sit back and enjoy the view.

Tips for your Stay

  • If you are sensitive to noise while you sleep, bring earplugs. This region is known to get pretty windy.
  • If you have reservations for activities in Santa Elena or Monteverde, leave early. There is always a possibility of construction (we ran into this).
  • Bring some extra cash. Walter sells his coffee that he grows on the property. 

Is Linda Vista Green Soul Right For You?

Well, only you can answer this. If you don’t mind commuting into town, have your own vehicle, and want to have a truly unique Costa Rica experience, then this place is for you.

This would also be a great place to stay if you are a birder. There are even several sets of binoculars for your use at the entryway of the house.

If you want further proof, read the many 5 star reviews on their Airbnb listing.

So, when you visit Airbnb and see that some of the photos look the same as the ones featured on here, you aren’t wrong.

I was having such a good time at Linda Vista that I didn’t even think to take pictures of the inside of the house. LOL.

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