Where to Eat in Saskatoon: A Local's Guide

If there is one fact that you should know about Saskatoon, its that the food culture here is huge. I believe we have the most restaurants per capita, which means… there is a lot to choose from. This “Where to Eat in Saskatoon: A Local’s Guide” has all of my favorite restaurants to visit. 

Currently the COVID-19 situation may impact some of the businesses listed. 


Hometown Diner

Hometown Diner

This restaurant is probably one of the best I’ve been to since COVID 19 started. If you are looking for somewhere that is taking serious precautions this could be an option. To reduce the spread they no longer have physical menus. They now have QR codes you scan on your phone to open the menu. 

Tip: This place is usually really busy, especially on weekends. If you want to beet the crowd show up at opening. A normal wait time here is around 20 mins – 1 hour.

My recommendation: The Scrambler.

Lunch/ Dinner

Fuzzy Poncho

Las Palapas

My FAVORITE restaurant in Saskatoon. Las Palapas is in my opinion the best Mexican restaurant in the city. This is a locals restaurant, and it is busy. They do not take reservations, and if you show up after 6 PM on a Friday or Saturday expect to wait 40 minutes or longer. They have indoor and outdoor seating, however the outdoor seating is limited. 

My suggestion to pass the time: cross the street to Homestead Ice Cream, and have you dessert before dinner.

Recommendation: Polo Enchilada, and the Fuzzy Poncho. Last time I was there I didn’t see the fuzzy poncho on the menu, but they were still able to make it. It is a fruity cocktail with a coconut rim and raspberry puree.

Bon Temps

Bon Temps is located in the heart of downtown. This restaurant features a Cajun inspired menu, and has awesome cocktails. It also has one of the most unique atmospheres, with its New Orleans inspired decor.

Tip: If you are going out for dinner in a larger group, plan ahead and get their Spice Boil. I have not personally had it, but i know people that have who vouch for it (Not available during the COVID-19 epidemic).

My recommendation: The Fire Bird – if you like spicy.

Congress Beer House

Located next door to Bon Temps, Congress Beer House has the best burgers and mac and cheese in the city. They also have a good selection of beer, or so I have herd. I am not a fan a beer, but all of my friends say they have a lot to choose from.

Tip: If your main reason for going  out is to have a meaningful conversation, this might not be the place for you. They tend to play their music quite loud.

Berry Barn

The Berry Barn

The Berry Barn is located about 10 – 15  minutes outside of Saskatoon. They are not only a restaurant, but a gift shop, bakery, and greenhouse. I would describe their menu as comfort food. They also sell frozen goods such as perogies and sausages that you can take home.

Recommendation: Soup in a bread bowl.

Rebel Melt - Food Truck

If you love grilled cheese then you have to try Rebel Melt. I haven’t tried many things on their menu as I only get the “Rebel Melt”. I mean they make their own bacon jam that goes on the sandwich, whats not to love.

Follow their Instagram page for their latest location. 

They only operate in the summer. If you are from Saskatchewan you will understand why.

Jamaican Food Basket

One word describes this place, AMAZING. I had this for a work lunch and had the opportunity to sample a variety of their dishes. If you want to try authentic Jamaican food, or your trying to get through the travel ban, this menu will transport you back to Jamaica. 

My recommendation: The Jerk Chicken.

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